OER plates

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Fired earth and reduced stoneware in its purest form… you can see that in my Oer plates: tough, quirky but also modern and contemporary and always one of a kind!

I have inspired the shape on the old, battered tin plates of early times, as if they had been in a ditch for years and had been fished up again during dredging work.

The Oer plates were created from a special project in which I worked with clay from the Miljuschka ditch. Read more about this.

The large plates are ideal for serving a delicious salad, fish, satay, gado gado, hummus, etc.

The first large Oer plates with a diameter of approximately 28 cm. I posted in the webshop today, look here.

In a few weeks I will also put the medium version in the webshop. Collect them and make a beautiful landscape of fired earth!

Do you want to see how delicious your food looks on it? Here some inspiration from Happinez magazine (5-2020 and the delicious new cookbook Salad Days by Ajda Mehmet (for sale at our place … give it as a present with a plate or bowl.)

It’s like my salads and your plates are made for each other. (Ajda Mehmet in Salad Days)

And this Oer plate, tough, quirky, unique and with a golden edge? You can see it filled with a delicious saté in the new cookbook INDOSTOK by Vanja van der Leeden and Remko Kraaijeveld, you know well… of the Golden Cookbook 2019 INDOROCK.

On October 15 their new cookbook will be published: INDOSTOK with the 25 best saté recipes and 50 delicious side dishes. I cannot wait! (pre order now at Libris).

The plates are fired at a high temperature, which makes them strong and food safe and can be put in the dishwasher. Finished eating? Give your plate a nice place in the kitchen ?.

Oh yes… fired earth is not always earthen ware pottery. My fired earth is stoneware in technical terms… even better reduced stoneware. High fired and crackling hard! More about the difference between pottery and stoneware later.

And later also more about what I do with skewers in my studio ?