Plates with clay from the lock of Miljuschka

Borden met klei uit de sloot van Miljuschka - Marjoke de Heer Keramiek Atelier

I started following Miljuschka Witzenhausen on Instagram after seeing “Miljuschka in Japan” at 24 Kitchen with great pleasure. When I suddenly saw a ditch full of clay on her Instagram, I could not resist the temptation; surprising adventures in my kiln with clay from the ditch of Miljuschka! Miljuschka and her love Philip van Ierschot liked it immediately and within a few days I had a some tubs of clay from her ditch in my studio.

After all clay had dried, water was added again, stirring well, sieving and voila … fine ditch sludge on the drying table. And soon knead the first clay rolls…

Testing the clay is an accurate job… always keep the administration well based of dotted language in the shards. My focus was that I wanted to use the ditch clay at glazing temperature like all my other work so the tableware is strong, usable and can be washed in the dishwasher.

The first series of little plates looked like famous Dutch cookies called ‘stroopwafels’, nice but more suitable for the tree house near Miljuschka’s lovely house. I had to mix the clay a bit more with another clay that I often use as a base, a ‘pale-nose-clay’ that isn’t interesting in itself so the clay from the ditch could still come into its own. This clay was able to compensate for the low melting temperature of the ditch clay. That went a lot better and the plates remained beautiful in shape and rich in color nuances. Ready to make new ceramics and enjoy your meal! Thank you Miljuschka and Philip !