Memory Stones

HEADER memory stones
New in the collection are my memory stones. They are sturdy, simple and natural in design. A memory stone refers to an event, a moment, a memory, a person… to mark, celebrate, cherish and remember.
Who doesn’t know it … taking found stones with you from a holiday or walk, or the beautiful monoliths and rock formations that rise impressively in a landscape as powerful standing stones … they inspire me to simple, organic forms in which my glazes determine the landscape of the new stone form … it is an object to look at with pleasure. I make them from small to large and for indoor and outdoor use. And they are always one of a kind! We need nature around us and reminders of nature. Add your own collection of found stones and create a beautiful still life in your interior with my memory stone. My memory stones are for indoor use, but can often also be placed outside. They are always hollow, not heavy and do have a small opening with closure at the bottom. This means you could also use a memory stone for ashes storage or other precious treasures.
My memory stone was included in @fdpersonal of the Financieel Dagblad -the magazine about design & architecture- this spring. The production ‘Binnenstebuiten’, styled and composed by Theone van der Eerden and photographed by Sigurd Kranendonk, had the theme of ‘biophilic design’. For designers, this is more than just greenery and a houseplant in the living room!