Clay … as soon as you press on it, something happens …

I like working with clay and fired earth … to give room to food, flowers and memories. Clay moves with me, behind the potter’s wheel or with the slabroller, it goes beyond technique. Each piece is unique, handmade with my 10 fingers as the most important tool and from kiln to shop … on your table, in your kitchen, interior or garden … for all seasons of nature and life.

I mix the clay and make my own glazes, based on pure raw materials and inspired by the knowledge of the old craftsmanship, in a contemporary design and with my style. I specialized in so-called reduction stoneware, it is fired at 1260 degrees Celsius, very strong, dishwasher safe and frost resistant. In my kiln I can influence the atmosphere. As a result of firing with a lack of oxigen, the fire draws all oxygen from the clay and the glaze and you get the traditional glazes, the real celadon, shino and temmoku.

My hands know what to do.

I make all of my work in my own studio in Amsterdam North and I have been a professional ceramicist / potter since 1994. Each piece is unique and signed. Timeless quality and a perfect balance between beauty & function in contemporary design, that is what I am looking for. I am very happy with an unexpected freckle on my plate. It is about craftsmanship and knowing what to do together with the unexpected beauty that can emerge during the entire process of mixing, twisting, forming and glazing. It is always exciting when I open my kiln after firing!

handmade ceramics amsterdam
handmade ceramics amsterdam
marjoke de heer ceramics