Since 1994

Ceramic Studio Marjoke de Heer

Since 1994 studio & shop in Amsterdam for handmade ceramics. Series of limited editions and one-of-a-kind-gifts, all made by the same pair of hands and with the knowledge of authentic ancient glazes and the craft of the potter in a contemporary design. You can visit our shop/gallery in Amsterdam North for a unique gift or special object! And take a look at our webshop!


With a few special projects I want to celebrate the 30th anniversary of my kiln and next year the 30th anniversary of our shop: 30 years of professional studio ceramics!

21-10-2023 TO 26-11-2023


“I can intervene at all moments of the making process, embrace imperfections or the unexpected, like life itself”

21-10-2023 TO 26-11-2023


“Making ceramics means acquiring a lot of knowledge about clay, raw materials, glaze, heat and fire”

2-12-2023 TO 17-12-2023


“The bowl is the most tangible art object. You take her in your hand, feel the traces of the maker and the petrifying movements of the making process, the weight, her skin and color. The bowl in its free form and always open at the top, close to you!”



“Everyday objects become a natural part of your life. It is the best compliment for my work when you eat from my bowls, drink from my cups, put flowers in my vase or enjoy my ceramic poetry in your interior”.

Specialized in reduction stoneware and porcelain

I specialized in so-called reduction stoneware and porcelain that I finish with real celadon, shino, temmoku and sang-de-boeuff glazes according to my own recipe. Fired at 1260 degrees Celsius, everything becomes rock hard, dishwasher- and frost resistant. TEKST BIJ COLLECTIE

Functional Ceramics

I want to create timeless quality and I am always looking for the perfect balance between beauty and function in contemporary design … for your table, in your kitchen, interior or garden.


Handmade with my 10 fingers and the potter’s wheel as my main tool, I have been a professional ceramicist / potter since 1994 and located in Amsterdam North.

From kiln to shop

All my work is for sale directly from my own studio to our shop/gallery in Amsterdam North. A selection of my work is for sale in the webshop.

In commission

A unique object – very small or large – to set up a place for precious memories .. or that special bowl or vase I can make in consultation with you