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OER plates

Fired earth and reduced stoneware in its purest form… you can see that in my Oer plates: tough, quirky but also modern

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Cookbook Salad Days (2020)

Salades Salads that you want to eat every day
Recipes, food styling and text Ajda Mehmet
Photography Danique van Kesteren | Creative direction Maaike Koorman | Publisher Good Cook

Cookbook Restaurant De Kas (2020)

Plant to plate
Text Jos Timmer and Wim de Beer | Recipes and food styling Jos Timmer | Photography Rinze Vegelien | Publisher Kosmos Uitgevers

Nr 1 Foodmagazine DELICIOUS 06-2020

Foodupdates and tableware from your dreams.

Cookbook NOSH (2020)

My vegetarian Jewish kitchen by Esther Erwteman
Photography Elvan Unlu | Food styling Tinne de Ceuster | Publisher New Amsterdam

Magazine Stijlvol Wonen 02-2020

Art At Home the A-list by Anneleen Peeters

Magazine VT Wonen 02-2020

Interview by Bart Jan Bouman Craft series | Photographer Ernie Enkelaar

Cookbook INDOROCK (2019)

Indonesian flavors with a new look, The Golden Cookbook 2019
Recipes, text and styling Vanja van der Leeden | Photography and styling Remko Kraaijeveld | Publisher Nijgh & van Ditmar

Cookbook Masterclass Cakes (2019)

By Rutger van der Broek | Photography Saskia Lelieveld | Styling Alexstyling | Publisher Carera Culinair

Cookbook Holy Happy Belly (2019)

Ayurvedic recipes
Recipes and text Bianca Fabrie | Photography Simone van Rees | Styling Nanouk van Ramshorst en Inge Holkenborg | Publisher Snor

Cookbook Asperges (2019)

Recipes and text Jessica Lek | Photography Mitchel van Voorbergen | Styling Jessica Lek en Valentijn Dirks | Design Lisette Drent | Publisher Good Cook

Cookbook VET van Bas Robben (2018)

Photography Jeroen van der Spek | Styling Maaike Koorman | Foodstyling Jessica Lek | Publisher Good Cook BV