Project Bowls


We celebrate the 30th anniversary of my kiln and 30 years of professional studio ceramics!

‘The bowl is the most tangible art object. You take her in your hand, feel the traces of the maker and the petrified movements of the making process, the weight, her skin and color. The bowl in its free form and always open at the top, close to you!’

- Marjoke

The wheelthrown bowl has character and is part of your daily rituals. I like to place the bowl on my potter’s wheel accurately and as shaped as possible. What my head knows, my hands do and my senses feel… the traces of the movements that are given at a moment in the almost liquid clay … inside, on and outside the lines of perfect and imperfect. That’s where it happens!

With glazing, soft and special effects appear on the skin of the bowl, caused by iron, raw materials or the natural ash glaze. It is a reminder of the beauty that we also see in nature and has been present there for centuries. The value of the imperfection and irregularity, the unexpected freckles and speckles, the nuances in color and the accidental effects created by firing make the wheelthrown bowl unique, together with its whether or not imperfect shape!
The wheelthrown bowl is about the beauty of everyday imperfection and what is invisible (time/movement) around us, simple & basic, perfectly imperfect!

‘When the first one is done, I always want to make the next one and I feel it flowing ... maybe you could call that passion, but it's definitely a way of life that I feel grounded in’

- Marjoke

I’m very honored that award-winning photographer Remko Kraaijeveld and SVH Master Chef Edwin van Gent want to be special guest at my Bowl Project. Maybe you know them already from Instagram where they make inspiring foodpictures on my plates and bowls.

Edwin van Gent was inspired during a tour of my studio. When I make a glaze with my raw materials, I always feel very close to chefs and certainly to Master Chefs, who can also conjure up tasty, refined and special dishes from different ingredients. After the tour of my studio, Edwin was also touched by my deep love for vegetables and plants in our garden.

This resulted in edible vegetable works of art by Edwin, which capture the four themes shown below in all their purity. Earth, Fire, Raw and Ash Glaze: with these four themes I created 4 bowls.

Photographer Remko Kraaijeveld Remko Kraaijeveld used my workboards as a backdrop and created graphic images through a mixture of camera movement, day and flash. It is Masterly!

Every now and then I make special tableware for a cookbook. I am very happy that my tableware is also finding its way internationally. Australian bestselling cookbook author Donna Hay has carved out a place in countless hearts (and homes) worldwide. She is a celebrity and her name is synonymous with a new style of cooking with inspiring recipes and delectable photography and styling. I’m a fan!

I’m very proud that Donna Hay loves my tableware! In her latest cookbook that was launched this week (07-11-2023) in Dutch, you will not only see my tableware in the book, but my bowl is on the cover!

'Everything you see in my work is a petrified moment of what my hands create'

- Marjoke

Will you come and take a look? I’ve been working hard lately: behind the potter’s wheel, applying glazes and firing the kiln. All my favorite bowls are in our ceramic shop, a sales exhibition for the december month! As long in stock … everything one of a kind and limited made with 1 pair of hands!