cocoon Daisy

This smallest memory stone ‘cocoon’ I make reminds me of a cocoon; serene, tranquil and also safe and strong. It is an object to look at with pleasure and gives space to collect found objects from nature and small amulets of life … together a beautiful, personal still life in your interior.

I finished this memory stone with a vibrant, tender green wood ash glaze and a silver button inspired by a daisy, attached with a green and yellow thread.

The memory stone is hollow and has a small opening at the bottom. Because of this you could also use her for ash storage / mini urn or other small memories.

I found the stones and rind myself and will stay with me.  The silver button is coming together with the memory stone. Get inspired!

My memory stones are for indoor use, but they could also be placed outside and are frost resistant. You can read more about my memory stones here


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Approx dimensions:

stone 21,5 cm wide x 12 cm deep  x 9 cm high

Weight 1023 gram
Material Ceramics and silver button made by Anneke Bruin

Handmade by Marjoke de Heer I Amsterdam NL