wabi sabi serving set natural white

This large organically shaped serving plate with a sturdy rim, together with the organic plates and the small bowl, gives you many options for serving all kinds of goodies! The color of the clay has the leading role in this set, the plant remains and the minerals in the clay give the color nuances and speckles … the glaze is  matt and based on natural raw materials. For me it is pure poetry in ceramics, to enjoy every day! A set with an organic, vibrant look and a perfect unique gift. Fired at a high temperature, strong and pleasant to use!


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wabi sabi bord  36 cm x 21,5 cm x 2 cm height
organic plate  diameter 15,5 cm 2 cm

2 organic plates diameter 10,5 x 2 cm
1 eggshell  bowl diameter 7 cm x 2,5 cm height
1 houten lepel fair trade  15,5 cm lang

Gewicht 1350 gram

Materiaal reductie steengoed / keramiek en hout

Handgemaakt door Marjoke de Heer – keramiek I Amsterdam NL