and ALTARS

A unique object offers you a space to fit up a place that grows along with you…

about life and about inspiration,

a place for your dearest memories and
to make something ‘small’ look big,
from that moment… with things you want to concentrate on
as a symbol of life, the season, nature,
exuberant and colourful or modest and sober…

Look at the possibilities and tell us your wishes!
One thing brings on another!
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My ceramics make a good combination with the small amulets, special closures or accessories made by jewelry designer Anneke Bruin. In this way we can create a very personal memorial place , big or small …

Annabels Bird … after a drawing by Annabel*

mini urn ‘pebble’ is always ‘one of a kind’ and a special little ‘silent’stone

pebble urns klein

mini urn ‘tear from heaven’ made of natural white pocelain or finished with mother-of-pearl and sometimes gold

Bowl of memory…with at the bottom some room for ashes keeping

from very small to large these (mini)-urns are inspired by a spool of thread…. with special little buttons and accessories made by Anneke Bruin. Wrap a small thread at special days and clamp a little note, photo, feather under it.

urn object ‘seeds’ … large and suited for the whole of the ashes keeping and ofcourse frost resistant

Basic urn …. Always unique and multiple versions are possible

A (wall) altar to let something small be big…


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