Set your table like a landscape!

‘True Celadon’ or ‘greenware’ – whether or not spotty or cracked, the beautiful red of my ‘sang de boeuff’ glaze, the warm earthy/orange of  shino+ and the old & famous temmoku glaze know from its variability and richniss in color …dark woody – golden brown and the Hare’s fur effect ….  they all give each item its own landscape, depth and authenticity which add an extra dimension to your food.

Create your own style by mix & match tableware in different colors and sizes and vary not only in the food you eat, but also of which you eat  …… to eat with your mouth and  your eyes!

Plates for chefs … one of a kind plates and bowls to serve and to share

The table ware is suited for every-day-use and can be placed in dishwasher.

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