Sushi for 2

Two rectangular ceramic plates, two little organic shaped plates and two eggshell-like little bowls come in this set together with 2 pair of wooden chopsticks. The little bowls have a beautiful shiny white inside and a golden rim. The plates are natural pebble white and fired on high temperature in a gaskiln to create strength and an organic, vivid look. This all together makes this set a perfect one of a kind gift. Ideal for sushi, snacks, cake, salade or or just to embellish your table with small found objects from nature.


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Approx dimensions:

rectangular plate: 28 cm x 17 cm x 2 cm
organic shaped plate: diameter 15 cm x 2 cm high
2 eggshell like bowls: diameter 7 cm x 3 cm high
4 chopsticks: fairtrade 25 cm length
Weight: 1700 gram
Material: reduction stoneware / ceramics


Handmade by Marjoke de Heer I Ceramics Amsterdam NL