set for 2 natural earth

This sturdy, organically shaped serving plate, together with the 2 round wabi sabi plates, the 2 multicups and small eggshell bowls, gives you many options to serve all kinds of goodies or to use as a set for 2! I glazed this set with beautiful natural, darkΒ  nuances and irregular speckles and freckles.

For me it is pure poetry in ceramics, to enjoy every day! A perfect unique gift. Fired at a high temperature, strong and pleasant to use!


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approx dimensions:

wabi sabi plateΒ  32,5 cm x 22 cm x 2,5 cm high
2 wabi sabi plates diameter 17 cm 1,5 high
2 multicups diameter 9 cm x 7 cm high
2 eggshell bowl diameter 8 x 3,5 cm high

2 fairtrade wooden spoons 19 cm long

weight 1745 gram

Materiaal reductie steengoed / keramiek


Handmade by Marjoke de Heer – ceramics I Amsterdam NL