Rice, Noodle, Ramen or Salad? set 1

I made these one of a kind wabi sabi  bowls on my potter’s wheel, with clay and glaze based on natural raw materials. Each bowl is unique and perfectly imperfect due to the beautiful petrified traces of the making process and the vibrant shades of natural, matte glaze. Perfect eating bowls for rice, noodles, ramen and salads, but also a nice serving set for countless dishes. The small bowl with spoon and the fair trade wooden chopsticks complete the set. A special one of a kind gift!

The bowls are fired at a high temperature, making them strong, food safe and dishwasher safe.


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bowl S diameter 15,5 cm en 5,5 cm high

bowl M diameter 18 cm x 7 cm high

bowl L diameter 23 cm x 10 cm high

eggshell bowl diameter 8 cm x 3,5

chopsticks 23 cm

little spoon 9,5 cm long

Weight  1590 gram
Materiaal reductie steengoed / keramiek


Handmade by Marjoke de Heer I Ceramics Amsterdam NL