organic serveer bord large en +8 collected

A special serving plate in every way: extra large, a special organic design and a beautiful glaze in which earth, water and fire have come together.
With the 8 collected items, it is a unique set, very decorative in your kitchen or on the table and delicious to serve all kinds of food: from tapas to saté, from salad to snacks. Very nice to use and many variations possible!

The whole combines perfect with my serving stones.​

A unique gift!

Fired at a high temperature so strong and food safe


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large organic plate diameter circa 34 cm x 2 cm height
1 organic plate diameter 21 cm x 2 cm height
1 organic plate diameter 15 cm x 2 cm height
3 bowls diameter 10cm x 4 cm height
1 bowl spout & stem diameter 10 cm x 4 cm height
1 eggshell bowl diameter 6 cm diameter x 2,5 cm height

gewicht 2930 gram

materiaal: ceramics/ reduction stoneware


Handmade by Marjoke de Heer – Amsterdam NL