oer plates medium & large rusty earth

Characteristic of these 2 OER plates is the lively rusty natural color and the irregular freckles and speckles. In the large plate a stubborn string. You can use this set perfectly to serve e.g. delicious salad, fish, satay, gado gado, hummus, etc.

I have inspired the shape on the old tin plates from earlier times, as if they had been lying in the ditch for years and were fished up again during dredging. They are tough, quirky but also modern and contemporary and combine very nicely with each other and with my porcelain and wabi sabi bowls. Enjoy your dinner!

The plates are fired at a high temperature, making them strong, food and dishwasher safe. Finished eating? Give your plates a nice place in your kitchen!


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approx dimensions:

medium plate diameter 22 cm x 4 height
large plate diameter 28 cm x 5 height
weight 1485 gram 2 plates

Materiaal reduction stoneware / ceramics


Handmade by Marjoke de Heer I Amsterdam NL