Mini urn Traces of life

In this little pot or memory / mini-urn you can keep small precious memories or a little bit of the ashes.

The porcelain is crackled and dented, giving it a special texture and shape. The contrast of the natural white of the porcelain with the colored matte black glaze enhances this effect. On top a shiny red on the lid, closed with a terra leather lace.

I love to make one of a kind pots or memory / mini urns. They are small objects that arise on my potter’s wheel. They always differ from each other in shape, processing, color and accessories. You can often add small, personal items, such as a ring, note with small text / image, special button, feather….


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Size approximately:

Diameter 8 cm and 11 cm height cm
Weight 475 grams
Material Porcelain


Handmade by Marjoke de Heer – Amsterdam NL