little altar square pebble white

A unique ceramic object offers you a space to fit up a place that grows along with you …
about life and about inspiration,
a place for your dearest memories and
to make something ‘small’ look big,
from that moment … with things you want to concentrate on
as a symbol of life, the season, nature …
exuberant and colourful or modest and sober…
Inside at the bottom you can keep little, precious memories.

You will receive this  altar along with the little handmade iron little lotus to hold a little poem, picture or feather.


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24,5 cm high x 23,5 cm width x 7 cm depth
weight 2180 gram
Materiaal ceramics and an iron lotus


handmade ceramics by Marjoke de Heer I Amsterdam NL
Handmade lotus by Anneke Bruin