large memory stone L3

Every memory stone is unique and an object to look at with pleasure, a beautiful still life in your interior. A memory stone refers to an event, a moment, a memory, a person… to mark, celebrate, cherish and remember.

I finished this large memory stone with light relief in a pebble white matte glaze and some speckles. The stone consists of 2 parts on top of each other and can also be stacked next to each other, making it a ‘stonekeeper’ … or giving space to other personal finds. Stacked on top of each other, it gives the opportunity to place a booklet, picture or … in between. At the top there is also the possibility to place a stone or other. It is a memory stone with many possibilities. The booklet and the stones are mine and I show them for inspiration.

My memory stones are for indoor use, but these could also be placed outside and are frost resistant. They are always hollow and have a small opening at the bottom. This means you could also use the memory stone for urn or other small memories. You can read more about my memory stones here


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Approx dimensions:

L3 21,5 cm cm wide x 10,5 cm deep  x 32 cm high

Weight 3580 gram
Material Ceramics

Handmade by Marjoke de Heer I Amsterdam NL