little altar brick natural white

A unique ceramic object offers you a space to  fit up a place that grows along with you…
about life and inspiration,
a place for your precious memories and
to make something ‘small’ big,
from that moment … with things you want to focus on
as a symbol of life, season, nature…
Exuberant and colourful or modest and simple…
Inside, you can keep small, precious memories.

You will receive this altar together with  a small memorykeeper made of iron.


Out of stock


24 cm hoogte x 9,5 cm breedte x 6 cm diepte

Gewicht 1165 gram

Material Ceramics and iron memorykeeper


Handgemaakt keramiek van Marjoke de Heer I Amsterdam NL

Handgemaakte rozenblaadje van ijzer door Anneke Bruin