altar stone white

A unique ceramic object offers you the space to design a place that grows with you …
about life and about inspiration,
a place for your precious memories and
to make something “small” big,
from that moment … with things you want to focus on
as a symbol of life, season, nature …
exuberant and colorful or modest and simple …

Inside you can keep small, precious memories (at the bottom is an opening with closure)

You will receive this altar cabinet together with 3 small magnets to attach a small poem, photo or feather, a metal fern leaf and a glass tube to store the flower of the day.



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29 cm height x 18,5 cm width x 10 cm depth
Weight 4610 gram
Material ceramics / reduction stoneware, little magnets, gold lustre


Handmade ceramics by Marjoke de Heer I Amsterdam NL