3 collected wabi sabi dark natural

I have handmade this multifunctional collection with clay and glaze based on natural raw materials. Each item is unique and perfectly imperfect due to the beautiful fossilized traces of the making process and the pure color of the clay. Perfect for many different meals but also for food stylists.

The bowls are fired at a high temperature, making them strong, food safe and dishwasher safe.


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1 shell bowl wabi sabi diameter 12,5/8 cm en 3 cm height
1 plate wabi sabi diameter 21,5 cm x 3 cm height

1 plate wabi sabi diameter 17 cm x 2,5 height

1 horn spoon fair trade 14 cm long

Weight 685 gram
Material reducttion stoneware / ceramics


Handgemaakt door Marjoke de Heer I Ceramics Amsterdam NL