From wood ash and ash glaze to corporate gift

Van houtas en asglazuur tot relatiegeschenk - Keramiek Atelier Marjoke de Heer

When Sander Overeinder -the kind and enterprising owner of Restaurant As in Amsterdam- approached me for a special gift for his relations to mark the special moment of saying goodbye to his restaurant As and the arrival of, my heart immediately started to beat faster …

… not only because as a ceramicist I feel very close to the real artisan bread bakers and the beautiful bread crusts, but also AS ..!

Sander baked pizzas in his restaurant in a wood-fired pizza oven .. using pure ash from wood as a residual product. And now let wood ash be a very interesting raw material for glazes!
The plan was quickly made: all kinds of different organically shaped plates to be finished with the ash glaze!

I immediately started testing … recipes with at least 30 to 50% wood ash and a number of raw materials in different proportions added, such as feldspar, ballclay, kaolin, chalk, talc and / or quartz.

The warm white and the beautiful, vibrant colors that were created without the addition of pigments or coloring oxides .. magical!
My heart will be in love with these ash glazes for all eternity!
Thank you Sander @stadsbakkerij_as for the AS and the assignment!