Working on a project from inspiration!

Van baggerslib naar servies - Keramiek Atelier and Galerie Amsterdam Marjoke de Heer

From dredging sludge to tableware

When a landscape architect with a bucket of clay from Groningen shows up at the beginning of 2019, I am immediately full of attention and interested. Could I do something with it? A few weeks ago, 2 years later, he was at our door again, again with a bucket of clay.. delicious!! It is an interesting story – the Clay Ripening Pilot – in which governments, nature organisations, knowledge institutes and the business community are engaged in the useful application of sludge as a circular building material. Sludge that causes

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Van houtas en asglazuur tot relatiegeschenk - Keramiek Atelier Marjoke de Heer

From wood ash and ash glaze to corporate gift

When Sander Overeinder -the kind and enterprising owner of Restaurant As in Amsterdam- approached me for a special gift for his relations to mark the special moment of saying goodbye to his restaurant As and the arrival of, my heart immediately started to beat faster … … not only because as a ceramicist I feel very close to the real artisan bread bakers and the beautiful bread crusts, but also AS ..! Sander baked pizzas in his restaurant in a wood-fired pizza oven .. using pure ash from wood

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Since 1994 I do enjoy making tableware and vases with different celadon glazes according to my own recipe: made on the potter’s wheel, basic and functionally designed in which the different clays form a connection with the special Celadon glazes. Celadon glazes are famous Chinese glazes and were developed in China between 960 and 1279 during the Sung period. The story goes that the name of Celadon was derived from an Egyptian prince “Salah-ed-Din”, who in 1170 would have given the Sultan of Damascus greenish glazed porcelain with the appearance

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Plates with clay from the lock of Miljuschka

I started following Miljuschka Witzenhausen on Instagram after seeing “Miljuschka in Japan” at 24 Kitchen with great pleasure. When I suddenly saw a ditch full of clay on her Instagram, I could not resist the temptation; surprising adventures in my kiln with clay from the ditch of Miljuschka! Miljuschka and her love Philip van Ierschot liked it immediately and within a few days I had a some tubs of clay from her ditch in my studio. After all clay had dried, water was added again, stirring well, sieving and voila

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Ceramics in Amsterdam and the Indorock cookbook

Chef Vanja van der Leeden and her husband/the photographer Remko Kraaijeveld did come on my way and there was an immediate click. They are not only very nice people, but they also create beautiful work together. She is his muse and cooks & writes like no other. He catches her talent in pixels, razor sharp and full of passion, whereby the image immediately stimulates your senses ! When I understood that they were planning to create a new Indonesian cookbook, I immediately said YES to make the tableware for it.

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‘Masterly The Hague’ 2018

As a  selected artist for the festival ‘Masterly The Hague’(2018), Mrs. Nicole Uniquole (curator) asked me to get inspired by a still life – a hunting scene – made by Jan Weenix (1640/41 – 1719 Amsterdam), an impressive painting  from the collection of the Art Gallery Hoogsteder & Hoogsteder. The hunting scene shows a beautifully elaborated variety in prints, textures, hues and very fine details, all very  inspiring! Through my many years of experience in working with several types of clay, my investigation of glazes and my knowledge of old

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